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LION: GMA Network's #HeartOverHate bags Best Social Media Campaign of the Year #RAWRAwards2016

GMA Network's #HeartOverHate is the Best Social Media Campaign of the RAWR Awards 2016!

GMA Network's #HeartOverHate campaign was chosen by more than 100 Pinoy Bloggers Worldwide as this year's Best Social Media Campaign of the Year.

For them, the #HeartOverHate campaign has brought change and influenced netizens to be proactive not only online but in real life. The campaign also promoted social responsibility by using social media to reach out to netizens.

LionhearTV’s RAWR Awards is patterned similarly after the Oscars with categories such as Male and Female Celebrities of the Year, but also includes special categories (dubbed Cub Awards) such as Viral Video of the Year, and Fan Club of the Year.

All entries of the categories were nominated by the fans, and all the winners of the awards night are also completely determined by the fans for the Cub Categories and the more than 100 Pinoy Bloggers  Worldwide for the Lion and Pride categories.

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