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We're cleaning up the votes!

We received a lot complaints regarding the recent results posted by our team.

Our app also detected some irregularities on the poll.

Below are some the affected categories:

Don't worry. We'll continue to monitor and clean the poll so that the next update will be the real and deserving winner will prevail. Goodluck to all!

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  1. ayan ha may cleaning na baka sabihin na naman ng iba diyan pag lumabas na final results may daya. It's as if naman makabintang sila yung iba pwedi mang daya tapos sila uncapable na mandaya. Everybody's capable of doing it lahat suspect anybody from whatever fandom can be a suspect so wag painosente at pavictim yung iba diyan. Sino niloloko niyo? haha kaya nga ayan may cleaning na so sana kung sino man manalo tanggap tanggap na lang okay. Lahat naman ginawa best nila even I bumili pa ko ng 1 month worth of pang surf para lang maka vote araw araw kaya wag bintang ng bintang.